Volume 74 Number 10 - News For the Week of October 14, 2019
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Quotes of the Week
Announcements and News from Our President
--> Our next Boo Bash meeting will be on Tuesday, October 15 at 4:00 PM, in Sarah Harding's Billiard room. Please come and join us! THERE ARE COOKIES!
--> It will be Pin Day on October 21!! Don't forget to wear your Rotary pin (any Rotary pin!) or fear the consequences...
--> Contact John Frey if you wish to help out with passing out dictionaries to local third graders! A sign-up sheet will be passed around at the meetings soon!
--> Sign up to be a mentor! Contact Peggy if interested.
--> Nominate a Clinton Graduate for the 2020 Hall of Fame. Please see below.
Good-Bye for Now, Dimonds!
The Dimonds are headed back to Seattle and Brenda will be the incoming President of her Rotary Club! They presented us with their Club flag. We will be partnering with their Seattle Club for our International Project -- "Greenhouses for Mexico."
Welcome Susie Mesecher!
It is with great excitement that we announce our newest member - Clinton Public Library's Library Director, Susan Mesecher! Susie was voted into our club unanimously by the Rotary Board of Directors. Her sponsor is Jill O'Neill. Please welcome Susie into our club!
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Meeting Review
We had a wonderful meeting, with our guest speaker being Candace Seitz, Advanced Prevention Specialist from ASAC. Candace spoke on Adverse Childhood Experiences, otherwise known as "ACE's" and the role resiliency skills and training play in addressing ACE's so children have the skills and support to grow up to be healthy, thriving adults. 


Programs for OCTOBER 2019


October 14: Regan Michaelsen, Executive Director of Information, Referral and Assistance - Regan will share information about the Backpack Buddy Program, which was created to address childhood food insecurity.  Through this program, nearly 200 area students receive a bag of food to take home each weekend with pre-packaged meals so children have well-balanced healthy meals to prepare for themselves over the weekends, when not in school.  A portion of the proceeds from the Rotary Boo Bash will benefit this wonderful program.  

October 21: Mary Leister, MSW, Victim Coordinator, Marsy's Law for Iowa - Learn about the fight for equal rights for Iowa's crime victims and treating Iowa's crime victims with dignity and respect.  Learn more at  

October 28: Erin Olson, MPH, Community Health Consultant, Iowa Department of Public Health - Erin will share about Iowa's 5-2-1-0 program, a fun way to make being healthy easy!  Learn about the new 5-2-1-0 Work Site designation you can take back to your workplace. Healthy Choices Count! #healthychoicescount


Program Chairs
October: Shannon Sander-Welzin
November: Doug Harrridge and Jill O'Neill
December: Kathy Klahn
Foundation Minute
For more than a century Rotarians have practiced Service Above Self and through the Avenue of Community Service, given back to the communities they live in.  Through Community Service Rotary clubs have the opportunity to implement club projects that improve life in their local community. In this first week of Community Service Month, various Rotary clubs have been doing just that; improving lives in their communities.
Three Rotary clubs in Jackson, TN, have raised $16,385 through their Rotary Heart & Sole Project to put shoes on the feet of as many as 13,000 students in the entire Jackson-Madison County School System. The clubs worked in tandem with Samaritan Feet, a nationwide initiative, which aims to inspire hope through the gift of shoes to those who need both hope and shoes the most. Students in these inner-city schools sometime share a pair of shoes between siblings.  They put on shoes that are too big or too small and wear flip-flops to the gym. Ten Thousand dollars out of their funds are being used to purchase shoes for students in Andrew Jackson, Arlington Elementary and Alexander Elementary schools in the county.
The Rotary Club of Victoria, British Columbia, donated $10,000 for the purchase of two commercial-grade washer/dryer laundry sets for Our Place Society, an inner-city center serving Victoria’s vulnerable citizens. “No matter who we are or our personal resources, we can all relate to putting on a clean shirt or sleeping between clean sheets,” said Gerald Pash, president of the club. Our Place Society serves 1,200 meals daily.
In much of rural Africa, communities experience loss of young mothers and their babies due to many factors. Long distance from clinics, unhygienic birthing practices, the scourge of malaria and lack of menstrual education among young girls have all contributed to dangerously high maternal mortality rates. In a remote area of Tanzania, girls drop out of school when they run out of personal hygiene supplies and/or become pregnant and thus repeat a sad but preventable cycle.
Responding to this situation, two Rotary clubs decided to improve the lives of these rural women by applying for a Global Grant from TRF.  The Rotary Club of Fulton, Missouri and Tanzania-based Babati Rotary, along with Humanity For Children, a non-profit based in Missouri, landed a $94,000 Global Grant to increase the survival rate of mothers, newborns and infants among the Maasai people living in a remote area of northern Tanzania. “This is the first time we’ve received an international grant since I’ve been a Rotarian…It feels so good to be part of a small organization doing such big works,” gushed Amanda Gowin, Fulton club member and project co-director. Initiatives within the project include: training traditional birth attendants in safe-birthing practices, providing a basic clinical lab in two remote governmental clinics and installing solar panels to provide them with electricity.    
Yours in Rotary,
Olabisi Gwamna Ph.D
Rotary Club of Mt. Pleasant
Foundation Minute Editor
Welcome to our club!
We meet Mondays at 12:00 PM
Rastrelli's Restaurant
238 Main Ave.
Tuscany Room
Clinton, IA  52732
United States of America
DistrictSiteIcon District Site
VenueMap Venue Map
October 14: Phil Barger
October 21: Douglas Bertrand
October 28:  Tamra Binder
Student Host
October 14: Nicole Hinman
October 21: Paul Holmer
October 28: Dan Housenga
If you are listed to do the invocation or as the student host and are unable to attend that day, please find a replacement. Thank you.
October 14: Julie Eggers
October 21: Chris Farwell
October 28: Andy Fergurson
Fellowship - 2019 
October: Dave Sivright and Dee Willougby
November:  Matt Brooke and Mark Rutenbeck
December: Carrie Donaire and Doug Bertrand
Fellowship Fines - Scholarship Fundraiser
October 7, 2019
Fines collected: $169.00
YTD $3,122.00
Attendance at Recent Meetings
Oct 07, 2019  / 89  

Full Name     Note    
Abbott, Claire   Student at Northeast  
Dimond, Brenda   Rotarian  
Dimond, Richard   Rotarian  
Hessing, Evan   Student at Prince of Peace  
Hinlte, Monica   G/O Idell Klein  
Mangler, Xena   Student at Clinton  
Messerich, Miya   Student at Northeast  
Moeller, Nathan   Student at Prince of Peace  
Mussmann, Shania   Student at Clinton  
Seitz, Candace   Speaker  
Smith, Christopher   Rotarian  
Tegler, Shawn   Student at Unity Christian  
Wickland, Kyra   Student at Unity Christian  
Willoughby, Jay   G/O Dee Willoughby  
YTD total of guests: 75
Membership Statistics
Current Members: 89
New Members: 0
Resignation(s): 1: Joanne Hermiston (Work commitments) 
Deceased: 0
Membership goal: 95
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Julie Eggers
October 1
Ronald McGauvran
October 4
Patti Stark
October 8
Douglas Bertrand
October 12
Keith Hook
October 22
G. Wylie Pillers
October 29
Idell Klein
November 2
Nicole Hinman
November 6
Claire Buyert
November 9
Elizabeth Srp
November 9
Coach Dalton
November 15
David Rose
November 20
David Sivright
November 22
Justin Hartley
November 25
Join Date
Tom Determann
October 2, 1995
24 years
Pete Clausen
October 7, 1991
28 years
Paula Schneckloth
October 9, 2017
2 years
Erin Cole
October 15, 2018
1 year
Val Hill
October 20, 2003
16 years
Juliann Bray
October 27, 2003
16 years
Shannon Sander-Welzien
October 28, 2013
6 years
Michael Nass
October 29, 2007
12 years
Coach Dalton
November 1, 1978
41 years
Margo Hansen
November 8, 2010
9 years
Patti Stark
November 10, 2008
11 years
Braydon Roberts
November 12, 2018
1 year
David Sivright
November 16, 1992
27 years
Don Putnam
November 27, 2000
19 years
Karen Rowell
November 28, 2016
3 years
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Committee Chairs
For information when a committee meets, contact the respective committee chair.
Christmas Program: Doug Bertrand
Community Service: Idell Klein
Dictionaries Committee: *John Frey (Fall)
Fellowship/Program Sign-up: Doug Bertrand and Brian Wright
Financial Committee: *Dale Dalton
Foundation: Brian Wright
Fundraiser Committee: Jill O'Neill
Grants Chair: Jill O'Neill
Interact: Peggy Sellnau
International Service: Christie Collins
Josh the Otter Water Safety Committee: *Rich Klahn (Spring)
Lumberkings Event Committee: *Dale Dalton
Membership: Sue Watkins
Public Relations: Jennifer Graf; Jill O'Neill RCof C Website, Doug Harridge (photos)
Scholarships: Rob Cassidy
Showboat Event Committee: David Sivright
Student Service / Weekly Student Guests: Shannon Sander-Welzien
Sunshine: Christie Collins
Club Secretary: Jill O'Neill 
Club Treasurer: *Dale Dalton
Club Board Meeting:  3rd Monday of every month immediately after the Rotary meeting in the Tuscany Room. All members are welcome!
Rotary Foundation Board of Directors for 2019-2020:
*Gary Foster: President
Mark Rutenbeck: Vice-President
*John Frey: Secretary
*Dale Dalton: Treasurer
Directors: *Jim Bruhn, Kathy Forrest, *Jennifer Graf, *Kathy Klahn, Lynn McGraw, Brian Wright
Russell Hampton
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