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Club meets Monday's at noon in the Tuscany Room at Rastrelli's Restaurant.
Monthly Board meetings: every 3rd Monday of the month directly after Rotary meeting/luncheon; Tuscany Room
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September 30: Dee Willoughby 
October 7: Brian Wright
October 14: Phil Barger
October 21: Douglas Bertrand
October 28:  Tamra Binder
Student Host
September 30: Val Hill 
October 7: Norlan Hinke
October 14: Nicole Hinman
October 21: Paul Holmer
October 28: Dan Housenga
If you are listed to do the invocation or as the student host and are unable to attend that day, please find a replacement. Thank you.
September 30: Carrie Donaire
October 7: Julie Dunn
October 14: Julie Eggers
October 21: Chris Farwell
October 28: Andy Fergurson
Fellowship - 2019 
September: Margo Hansen and Christie Collins
October: Dave Sivright and Dee Willougby
November:  Matt Brooke and Mark Rutenbeck
December: Carrie Donaire and Doug Bertrand
Just a gentle reminder to Rotarians that are to be greeters; if you are NOT going to make it to the meeting, please find your replacement BEFORE your designated meeting date.  THANK YOU!
Fellowship Fines - Scholarship Fundraiser
September 23, 2019
Fines collected: $190.00
YTD $2731.00
Recent Meetings
Sep 23, 2019  / 9  
Sep 16, 2019  / 91  
Sep 09, 2019  / 92  

Full Name   Type  Note    
Diamond, Brenda Rotarian    
Diamond, Richard Rotarian    
Koellner, Bill Rotarian Assistant Governor  
Marlowe, Jack Other Clinton High School  
Mesecher, Susan Guest of Member G/O Jill O'Neill  
Moore, Dasana Other Camanche High School  
Morain, Erna Rotarian District Governor  
Morain, Steve Rotarian District Governor Spouse  
Price, Kira Other Clinton High School  
Reed, Annika Other Clinton High School  
Tello, Selena Other Clinton High School  
Tello, Sofia Other Clinton High School  
YTD total of guests: 48
Membership Statistics
Current Members: 91
New Members: 0
Resignation(s): 0
Deceased: 0
Membership goal: 95
Please note: new members will have to pay an application fee of $25 to cover administrative costs (pin and badge), effective November 1, 2018.
Member information - please submit any changes to your mailing and/or home addresses and emails by accessing the CR site and update personally! Thank you!
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Christie Collins
September 5
Jerri Ross
September 5
Kim Clausen
September 8
Chuck Gustaveson
September 11
Mike Kroemer
September 13
Karen Vickers
September 15
Kathy Klahn
September 15
Cheryl Frey
September 17
Julie Dunn
September 20
Andy Fergurson
September 21
Brigham Tubbs
September 21
James Bruhn
September 22
Matt Steenhard
September 26
Karen Rowell
September 28
Julie Eggers
October 1
Ronald McGauvran
October 4
Patti Stark
October 8
Douglas Bertrand
October 12
Keith Hook
October 22
G. Wylie Pillers
October 29
Jack Robinson
October 30
Join Date
Ronald McGauvran
September 1, 1978
41 years
Keith Hook
September 10, 2012
7 years
Douglas Bertrand
September 16, 1996
23 years
Gregory Jasper
September 18, 1995
24 years
Karen Vickers
September 23, 1996
23 years
Matt Steenhard
September 24, 2012
7 years
James Bruhn
September 30, 1996
23 years
Tom Determann
October 2, 1995
24 years
Pete Clausen
October 7, 1991
28 years
Paula Schneckloth
October 9, 2017
2 years
Erin Cole
October 15, 2018
1 year
Val Hill
October 20, 2003
16 years
Juliann Bray
October 27, 2003
16 years
Shannon Sander-Welzien
October 28, 2013
6 years
Michael Nass
October 29, 2007
12 years

Service Projects for 2019

  • ShelterBOX USA
  • Kicks for Kids - boot project
  • Josh the Otter - Spring Water Safety Program 
  • Empowerment Center
  • MyGear
  • Homerun Readers
Keep track of your service/volunteer hours as a Rotarian and report your hours to Idell Klein;
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Rotary Club By-Laws
Volume 74 Number 8 - News For the Week of September 30, 2019
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--> Our next Boo Bash meeting will be on Wednesday, October 2 at 8:00am, in Sarah Harding's Billiard room. Please come and join us!
--> Save the Date! for our next fundraiser and a great Halloween party!
-- If anyone is willing to host our monthly programs for July 2020, please let Brian or Jill know!

Let's Talk about the Boo Bash!!!
You've heard us tell you to save the date, but how familiar are you with what the Boo Bash actually is?? Read on for more information!
* This is our annual fundraiser and will be replacing our spring auction.
* This is not an auction!!! This is an envelope fundraiser.
* The envelopes will be on a "Wall of Money."
* There will be envelopes from 1-300, with each envelope having the corresponding number on it.
* All guests will be able to choose an envelope (or several envelopes!) and donate the amount written on the envelope.
* For example, if I choose envelope 42, I would put in $42 in the envelope as a donation.
Envelopes 1-250 will be at the party and available online, while envelopes 251-300 will be exclusively online, accessible for Rotarians who may not be able to make the physical party.
* There will be prizes in random envelopes, to inspire the donations. (Yes, even the envelopes online!)
* To purchase envelopes online, sign-up as a "bidder" and place your "bid" on the envelope. (Sorry, the website is through ClickBid and it's what we used for the auction. Therefore, we can't change the word "bidder" and take it out of the website!)
* Some of the prizes that are available to win are: Cash prizes, gift cards to local restaurants and businesses, Eagle Point Lodge rental, Clinton Lumberkings' Lumber Lounge - party for 10, a week at a Cabin in Michigan, Y membership for 6 months, River City Gold, Lottery tickets, and more!!!!
* We will be having a "dessert auction" where each table can bid on desserts that are being donated to the Boo Bash! Talk about a delicious reward!
* Some proceeds will be going to the Backpack Buddy Program, which we will hear about at our October 14th meeting. 
* In addition to our fundraiser, we also want to have a good time!!! There will be an amazing DJ and dancing, a costume contest that our Interact students will judge, a photo booth area, and a wonderful MC. 
* We will have a delicious meal and there is a cash bar, with signature Halloween cocktails. And most of all, we will have an amazing time supporting our community and our club!!!
To purchase tickets, please go to the website: Get your tickets now, the price goes up after October 18th! 
Meeting Review

Our District Governor, Erna Morain, and her husband, Steve Morain, were our guests this past Monday. Before the meeting, Erna, Steve, and the Assistant District Governor, Bill, had a special board meeting. President Brian Wright told them all about our club and the wonderful things we do within the community. Erna was very impressed and supportive of our board and everything we've done!

During the regular meeting, Erna discussed her job as District Governor and the many things she's working on during her year-long journey at District 6000 DG. 

(Those shoes though...) 


We are all invited to the Rotary District 6000 festival in Altoona, Iowa from June 25-27, 2020. More information can be found at

After the Rotary meeting, President Brian Wright and Secretary Jill O'Neill took Erna and her husband on a tour of Clinton, including stopping at Rotary Park, the Clinton Lumberkings, the Clinton Showboat, and the Eagle Point Lodge. Erna and Steve were overjoyed at how breathtakingly beautiful the lodge is and they both were so proud of what the Rotary Club of Clinton has done in our community.

It was absolutely wonderful to host Erna and Steve and we hope they come back and see us soon!

To view a video of our meeting from Monday, please click here!

Foundation Minute
Since its inception over a century ago, The Rotary Foundation has spent more than $3.7billion US on projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the beneficiaries.  Projects for clean water, improvement of education, promotion of peace and eradication of polio are top on the list of the Foundation’s priorities.  This past week, various Rotary clubs around the world have contributed one way or another toward fulfilling our Foundation’s goal of doing good in the world.
Responding to the plight of children in one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, the Westlake Bay Village Rotary Club, on behalf of Rotary clubs in northeast Ohio, sent 890 shoe boxes filled with personal care items, clothing, toys and accessories for newborns to The Rotary Club of Chinandega in Nicaragua for “the children of the dump.”  The term refers to the 800 children discovered by a catholic priest in 1997, scavenging for food and sellable trash on the dumps of Chinandega following a hurricane which wrecked the economy of the people.  Since 1998, Rotary Clubs in the United States have provided over 2000 children with quality education, better health and improved lifestyles for families who were once economically depressed.
The Rotary Club of Murfreesboro, Tennessee recently sponsored 39 teachers to attend a workshop to help children with dyslexia this school year, with a $10,000 grant. The 5-day workshop was held at the Middle Tennessee State University campus. In a similar situation, the Rotary Club of Ottumwa, Iowa using the district grant process provided $10,000 for the new playground at Wilson Elementary.
The Rotary Club of London, KY received a Global Grant of $165,460 from The Rotary Foundation for a clean water project in Clay County, KY.  Aside from acknowledging the sum of $26,000 from District 4170 in Mexico, the Rotary Club of London got contributions from various clubs in Districts 4170, 6540,6710, 6740 and 6780 totaling $60,640. These funds were then matched by the Foundation World Fund in the amount of $78,820.
In Rotary,
Olabisi Gwamna PHD, Rotary Club of Mt. Pleasant
Foundation Minute Editor


Programs for SEPTEMBER 2019

September 30: Mike Parent Plant Manager, 3M Cordova IL – 3M Cordova is a specialty chemical provider to the rest of 3M. Most of the materials they make are adhesives that are sent to other 3M plants to make the large variety of 3M tape products.


Programs for OCTOBER 2019

October 7:  Candace Seitz, Advanced Prevention Specialist; ASAC - Candace will speak on Adverse Childhood Experiences, otherwise known as "ACE's" and the role resiliency skills and training play in addressing ACE's so children have the skills and support to grow up to be healthy, thriving adults. Candace will briefly share about new programs in the area to address ACE's called "Connections Matter."   

October 14: Regan Michaelsen, Executive Director of Information, Referral and Assistance - Regan will share information about the Backpack Buddy Program, which was created to address childhood food insecurity.  Through this program, nearly 200 area students receive a bag of food to take home each weekend with pre-packaged meals so children have well-balanced healthy meals to prepare for themselves over the weekends, when not in school.  A portion of the proceeds from the Rotary Boo Bash will benefit this wonderful program.  

October 21: Mary Leister, MSW, Victim Coordinator, Marsy's Law for Iowa - Learn about the fight for equal rights for Iowa's crime victims and treating Iowa's crime victims with dignity and respect.  Learn more at  

October 28: Erin Olson, MPH, Community Health Consultant, Iowa Department of Public Health - Erin will share about Iowa's 5-2-1-0 program, a fun way to make being healthy easy!  Learn about the new 5-2-1-0 Work Site designation you can take back to your workplace. Healthy Choices Count! #healthychoicescount


Program Chairs
September: Jennifer Graf
October: Shannon Sander-Welzin
November: Doug Harrridge and Jill O'Neill
Committee Chairs
For information when a committee meets, contact the respective committee chair.
Community Service: Idell Klein
International Service: Christie Collins
Membership: Sue Watkins
Grants Chair: Jill O'Neill
Public Relations: Jennifer Graf; Jill O'Neill RCof C Website, Doug Harridge (photos)
Foundation: Brian Wright
Interact: Peggy Sellnau
Scholarships: Rob Cassidy
Student Service / Weekly Student Guests: Shannon Sander-Welzien
Fundraiser Committee: Jill O'Neill
Financial Committee: *Dale Dalton
Sunshine: Christie Collins
Showboat Event Committee: David Sivright
Lumberkings Event Committee: *Dale Dalton
Dictionaries Committee: *John Frey (Fall)
Josh the Otter Water Safety Committee: *Rich Klahn (Spring)
Christmas Program: Doug Bertrand
Fellowship/Program Sign-up: Doug Bertrand and Brian Wright
Club Secretary: Jill O'Neill 
Club Treasurer: *Dale Dalton
Club Board Meeting:  3rd Monday of every month immediately after Rotary meeting in the Tuscany Room. All members are welcome!
Rotary Foundation Board of Directors for 2019-2020:
 *John Frey (President),*Gary Foster (VP), *Dale Dalton (Treasurer)
Directors: *Jim Bruhn, *Mark Rutenbeck, Lynn McGraw, Brian Wright, *Kathy Klahn, *Jennifer Graf.
*Denotes Past President of Clinton Rotary