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Club meets Monday's at noon in the Tuscany Room at Rastrelli's Restaurant.
Monthly Board meetings: every 3rd Monday of the month directly after Rotary meeting/luncheon; Tuscany Room
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October 29 - Peter Clausen
November 5 - Christie Collins
November 12 - Mary Connell
November 19 - Dale Dalton
November 26 - Gary DeLacy
Student Host
October 29 - Maureen Miller
November 5 - Michael Nass
November 12 - Jill O'Neill
November 19 - Charles Pelton
November 26 - David Pillers
If you are listed to do invocation or as the student host and are unable to attend that day, please find a replacement. Thank you.
Student host responsibilities: If you are listed to be student host, please plan to arrive by 11:40 a.m. to greet the students as they come in. Assign one student to a Rotarian so they are spread out at different tables. Try to have different Rotarians each week host students, so the students can meet several people.
October 29 - Greg Jasper
November 5 - Andrew Kida
November 12 - Kathy Klahn
November 19 - Rich Klahn
November 26 - Idell Klein
​Greeting is a great way for new members to meet other members.
Fellowship - 2018
October - Dave Sivright/Dee Willoughby
November - Justin Hartley/
                     Mark Rutenbeck
December - Carrie Donaire/Doug Bertrand
Fellowship - 2019
January - Matt Steenhard
February - Dennis Lauver
March - Ryan Veenstra/Paul Holmer*
April - Rich Klahn*/John Frey*
May - Jim Bruhn*/Rob Cassidy
June - Gary Foster
July - Mary Swanson
  Fellowship Fines - Scholarship Fundraiser
October 22, 2018-   $280.00
YTD $3,617.00
YTD total of guests: 141
Attendance for October 22, 2018
Meeting Statistics
Rule Actual Member Count Actual Attended Actual %
Always Count () 0 0 0.00 %
Count If Attended () 88 45 51.14 %
Never Count () 10 7 70.00 %
Totals 98
(Reported 45)
(Reported 45)
100.00 %
(Reported 100.00 %)
45 Reported
100.00 %

12 Guest(s)

Total membership: 94
New Members: 1 Erin Cole APPROVED
Resignation(s); 1 Ida Lorenz 9-29-18
Membership goal: 95

Please note: new members will have to pay an application fee of $25 to cover administrative costs (pin and badge), effective November 1, 2017.

RI President Barry Rassin wants to see Rotary Be the Inspiration for Rotarians to make adjustments in our clubs that suit different needs and give Rotarians the flexibility to serve in the ways that works best for them.

Member information - please submit any changes to your mailing and/or home addresses and emails to Jody Brooke ( or access the CR site and update personally!  Thank you!
October Rotary birthdays

Pillers, G. Wylie Oct 29

Robinson, Jack Oct 30



November Rotary Birthdays


Klein, Idell

Nov 02

Brooke, Jody

Nov 04

Hinman, Nicole

Nov 06

Buyert, Claire

Nov 09

Srp, Elizabeth

Nov 09

Dalton, Dale

Nov 15

Rose, David

Nov 20

Sivright, David

Nov 22

Hartley, Justin

Nov 25


October Rotary Anniversaries

Nass, Michael

10 years 11 months

Oct 29 2007

November Rotary Anniversaries

Dalton, Dale

39 years 11 months

Nov 01 1978

Hansen, Margo

7 years 11 months

Nov 08 2010

Stark, Patti

9 years 11 months

Nov 10 2008

Sivright, David

25 years 11 months

Nov 16 1992

Torres, Gabriella

0 years 11 months

Nov 20 2017

Putman, Don

17 years 11 months

Nov 27 2000

Putnam, Don

17 years 11 months

Nov 27 2000

Rowell, Karen

1 year 11 months

Nov 28 2016

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Past Presidents
Rotary Club By-Laws
Of the things we think, say or do
1. Is it the TRUTH
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Volume 73 Number 16 -For the week of October 29, 2018
Be a Paul Harris Foundation Minute Sponsor for the month of October.
For just $26.50 you can be a sponsor. Contact Jody Brooke if interested.

From our Club President:
Paul Harris Fellow Pins awarded to Pete Clausen; PH+2 Pin and Ryan Veenstra PH Fellow. CONGRATS!
Liz Estilow spoke to the club about MyGEAR. One of the three pillars set by our District Governor; Tom Narak, is Child Abuse Prevention.  The board has determined MyGEAR will receive a donation and will include Rotary Club of Clinton combs in each bag.
Our club is signed up for bell ringing at Paul's for the second Saturday in December.  Sign up sheet will be circulated closer to the event. *All volunteer hours must be re
Our INTERACT students have signed up to help the Holiday Train effort to provide food relief for our area.  The train will be in Clinton December 4th and our students will be leading a food drive in the Clinton schools.  The goal is 25,000 pounds.  Thank you Peggy Sellnau for continuing to be a great liaison! More updates will be provided as the fun project unfolds. *All volunteer hours must be reported to Idell Klein.
A discussion item that was  brought up to the board is the option of drawing a number for a table assignment during our Monday meetings. The idea is to meet others in our club and enjoy the different company of all Rotarians! What a great way to get to know more about our fellow Rotarians!
Our monthly board meeting will be help on the 3rd Monday of each month directly after our Rotary Meeting at the Tuscany Room.
Libby Goodman is at the end of her 3 year term as Assistant Governor for our District. Erna Morain from the Rotary Club in Waukee will be the District Governor next year and she is looking for a new AG for our area four clubs; Muscatine, Tipton, West Liberty and Clinton. If there is any interest from any Past Presidents in our club please contact Libby!
AUCTION meeting will be held October 15th at 4PM; Clinton National Bank - Real estate/Trust building. Come join the auction committee!!!! A theme for the 2019 Auction has been chosen: TEAM UP WITH ROTARY! More info to come!!!
Announcements from the floor: 
Josh the Otter made an appearance at our meeting! Thank you to our Past-President Rich Klahn for getting us Movin' and shakin'!!!
Christie Collins reminded the club about the Polio Eradication event on October 24th.
Kathy Klahn reminded the club about the Auction Committee meeting that meets at the Realty/Bank & Trust CNB building at 4 PM; Mondays.
John Frey made sure each table had the dictionaries to apply Gift of Rotary Club of Clinton stickers; working lunch!
Lori Freudenberg:
Image may contain: text
"Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough" Franklin Delano Roosevelt
2018-2019 Board Members:  Jennifer Graf, *Dale Dalton , Jody Brooke, Idell Klein, Sue Watkins  , Shannon Sander-Welzien, Brian Wright, Rod Tokheim, *Rich Klahn, Christie Collins
Check out our FB page; Rotary Club of Clinton and Twitter also check out the INTERACT Club of Clinton FB page: Rotary Sponsored Club
Upcoming Club Programs are being posted once a month in the Clinton Herald.
NCPETS 2019 - Save the date
Scheman Building - Iowa State Center
March 14 - March 19, 2019

Programs for OCTOBER 2018
October 29: Speaker - Shirley Hoefer, Eastern Regional Supervisor and Deputy Program Administrator - Foster Care Review Board Program. 
Program: CASA.  The Iowa Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is a volunteer program that commissions trained and qualified community advocates to serve as an effective voice in court for abused and neglected children, strengthening efforts to ensure that each child is living in a safe, permanent and nurturing home.  The CASA program is a unique volunteer experience that aligns concerned citizens with abused and neglected children in their community.
November Programs:
November 5 - Dee Willoughby will provide update about the Unity Christian School Plan.
November 12 - Neil Gray; NE Schools Superintendent will give school district update (Tentative)
November 19 - Justin Hartley; Salvation Army. Pathway to Hope Project
November 26 - Opportunity Zones; A community-based committee will introduce the details of a new aspect of federal taxes that will allow people to defer. reduce and possibly eliminate capital gain taxes - while supporting growth projects in certain parts of Clinton.

October Program Chairs: Gabi Torres, Liz Srp
November Program Chair: Dennis Lauver
December Program Chairs: *Kathy Klahn and Dave Rose, Val Hill and Sue Watkins
January 2019 Program Chair: Tom Determan
February Program Chairs: Shannon Sander-Welzien and Lori Freudenberg
March Program Chairs:* Mary Swanson and Cheryl Frey
April Program Chair: Julie Dunn
May Program Chairs: Peggy Sellnau and Julie Eggers
June Program Chair: *Dee Willoughby
July Program Chair: TBA

Meeting of October 22, 2018
Guest Speaker(s) : Kristin Huisenga, Coalition Coordinator of the Gateway ImPACT Coalition and the Clinton County Drug Endangered Children Alliance
Guests: Richard and Brenda Diamond, Erin Clark; guest of Liz Srp, Nathan Trahan; Guest of Bo Shi
Student guests: Bryn Hartman NE guest of Peggy Sellnau; Daniel Sellnau NE guest of Peggy Selllnau; Blake Bergman POP guest of Doug Bertrand; Shannon Sherman CCC guest of Kathy Klahn
Interact Student guests: Abby Struble CHS; Hillary Burken CHS

At the 10-22-18 meeting:
Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling 
Liz Estilow spoke at the beginning of our meeting about the MyGEAR bags and how to donate! Our board determined the MyGEAR will receive a donation and Idell Klein will have an empty bag that we as Rotarians can donate NEW items for these children in need.

Here are the items that go into a My GEAR Outreach bag:

2 to 18 years of age. All bags include shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, brush, nightlight, deodorant, washcloth, pillow, pillowcase, blanket, socks, pajamas, underwear, crayons, pens, pencils, journals, coloring books, water bottle, stuffed animal, age-appropriate toys and candy.

Baby bags include (newborn -1): baby shampoo, baby lotion, Desitin, formula, thermometer, pacifiers, socks, diapers, baby wipes, washcloth, burping cloths, blanket, stuffed animal, pajamas, age-appropriate toys.

All items in bags are new. All toiletries are full-size.

We are always looking for new ideas to put in our older boy bags. We usually include playing cards, some sort of sudoku or word cross book, nerd gun, football or basketball and a $10 gift card to Walmart. If you have any new ideas we would love to hear them!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and closeup
Pictured: Kristin Huisenga
October 22: Speaker - Kristin Huisenga, Coalition Coordinator of the Gateway ImPACT Coalition and the Clinton County Drug Endangered Children Alliance. Program: Child Abuse and Drug-Endangered Children. The Gateway ImPACT Coalition works to develop solutions to community problems that are relative to substance abuse issues through the process of facilitation, cooperation, education and communication. Kristin presented a very detailed and informative  powerpoint on the above mentioned topics.
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, people eating, table, indoor and food
Pete Clausen receiving his Paul Harris Fellow +2 Pin
Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and indoor
Ryan Veenstra receiving his Paul Harris Fellow Pin
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor
Josh the Otter (Rich Klahn) is all dressed up for the Dane meeting!!! Way to go Josh!!!
Foundation Minute for Week of October 22, 2018
Foundation Minute for Week of October 22
Last week we talked about various projects that were accomplished through Rotary’s global grants in the USA.  Here are a few more:
  1.      Dental Equipment and oral healthcare services were provided by Rotarians to low-income residents in Ventura, Cty, California.
  2.     In Pittsburgh, PA and Richmond, California, Rotary provided free longitudinal care for 75 patients at two Rotacare Free medical clinics.
  3.     It provided a baseball clinic with a focus on teamwork and anti-bullying among youngsters ages 7-16 in Yonkers, New York.
  4.     It developed and implemented a school based dental model within two schools in Cabell County, West Virginia.
  5.     And it created a “Kids Club Literary Project” to promote age/grade level reading for children living in Loveland Housing Authority apartments in Loveland, Colorado. 
These projects had a budget of over $30,000 and were initiated by clubs and districts within the United States with financial support from countries outside the US. Your contribution to The Rotary Foundation enabled this to happen.  Thank you.

Service Projects for 2018 -2019

Service Projects
                                             ShelterBOX USA
                                             Kicks for Kids - boot project
keep track of your service/volunteer hours as a Rotarian and report your hours to Idell Klein!
October – Dictionary delivery to all area 3rd grade students, a long time tradition continues lead by John Frey.
October – media blitz from Christie Collins and Shannon Sander-Welzien focusing on polio eradication and mobilizing our community to join the Rotary effort
November – Kicks for Kids, boots for k-5 area students will be delivered, this project is in lieu of the coats for kids.
November – Student Adventures Afterschool program CCSD Tuesdays in the month of November 3:30-4:30. Our continued club Literacy objective.
November – MyGear, a new Rotary tradition centered on child abuse prevention, helping children new to foster care realize their own items. A box for gathering needed items will be put out for the month for members to provide items such as toothpaste,
toothbrushes and stuffed animals for these children.
December – Salvation Army Bell ringing at Paul’s 10-7, our traditional outreach to the community for a great cause.

Club Committee
for information when a committee meets, contact the respective committee chair.
MEMBERSHIP – Sue Watkins
GRANTS CHAIR/CO-CHAIR; Gabi Torres, Jill O'Neill
PUBLIC RELATIONS –  Jody Brooke, Carrie Donaire and Jennifer Graf; Gabi Torres RCof C Webite
FOUNDATION – Brian Wright
INTERACT - Peggy Sellnau
AUCTION COMMITTEE - *Kathy Klahn and Jennifer Graf, Co-chairs
Project Financial COMMITTEE - *Dale Dalton, chair
SUNSHINE –* Mary Swanson/Jody Brooke/Christie Collins
FELLOWSHIP/PROGRAM Sign-up: Doug Bertrand and Brian Wright
Club Board Meeting:  3rd Monday of every month immediately after rotary meeting in the Tuscany Room. All members are welcome!
 *John Frey (President),*Gary Foster (VP), *Dale Dalton(Treasurer),Norlan Hinke and Ida Lorenz (Asst. Treasurers)
Directors: *Jim Bruhn, Kathy Forrest, *Mark Rutenbeck, *Dee Willoughby and Brian Wright, *Kathy Klahn.
*Denotes Past President of Clinton Rotary