In 2015, the Rotary Club of Clinton took on a project to rebuild the Eagle Point Lodge for their 100th anniversary. We raised over $1 million and this incredible lodge was built. This is the story of that historical journey. 
The Story Behind The Project
As one of the earliest Rotary Clubs in the country, The Rotary Club of Clinton was blessed with the opportunity to “THINK BIG” as it considered how to celebrate its 100th Anniversary.
The Lodge at Eagle Point Park was the recipient of the club’s huge heart to do something “cool for our community”.
With a sense of urgency and pride, the club raised $1.377 million dollars in very short order.  The club then embarked on the adventure of taking a worn and tired community asset and restoring and enhancing it to a stunning visual marvel that stands today. 
Generations to come will look at The Lodge –
  • that was built in the 1930’s as a WPA project
  • its renovation was completed without a dime of city, county, state, or federal government dollars
  • stands today as the result of an entrepreneurial spirit reminiscent of the prior Lumber Barons
  • and is a testament to what can happen when like-minded people wrap their arms and hearts around an opportunity to do something outstanding just because they can and they should.
The Rotary Club of Clinton takes great pride in its accomplishment for the city it loves.
The Journey