A primary goal of the club is to continually expand the club with committed members who are interested and have the ability to get involved in service and humanitarian projects.

Affiliation with the Rotary Club of Clinton can broaden your contacts within the civic-minded community and enrich your life by expanding your circle of friends amongst our business and professional leaders. Rotary provides opportunities for you to give back to the community and serve humanity, both locally and internationally.

At any time, prospective members can learn more by contacting the Club (see Club Leadership page).

A copy of our application and brochure can be found on the home page or by clicking HERE. 


It is an honor to be a Rotarian

Prospective members must:

  1. Hold or be retired from a professional, proprietary, executive, academic or managerial position.
  2. Have the capacity to meet at the club’s weekly luncheon held on Mondays at 12:00 noon at Rastrelli’s and be involved in various community projects.
  3. Live or work within the locality of the club or the surrounding area.

Invitation to Apply for Membership

The Rotary Club of Clinton invites individuals to join and become members.

A person being considered for membership is invited by a member/sponsor to attend 2-3 club meetings to get a feel for the Rotary Club of Clinton and its members. The sponsor may then submit the name of the candidate to the club’s membership committee for follow-up.

Also, an individual who doesn’t know any Rotarians but is interested in membership can learn more by contacting the Club’s Board of Directors or email the club at:

The Membership Process

Before completing the membership application, a sponsor will inform the applicant of the responsibilities of membership, which include regularly attending the weekly meetings, paying dues, and eventually being prepared to accept positions of responsibility in the club as their own time permits. The sponsor will assist the candidate with completing the membership application, which will be submitted to the Membership Chair, who will forward it to the Club’s Board of Directors for consideration.


The Board will consider the applicant for membership based on the membership application and knowledge of the individual. If the Board approves the applicant for membership, the candidate’s application will be forwarded to the general club membership for its concurrence. This entire procedure takes normally about three weeks during which the applicant continues to attend the club meetings.


A candidate will be notified of the action of the club, and if approved for membership, will be invited to join the Rotary Club of Clinton. With acceptance, the candidate will receive an invoice for dues. This bill must be paid prior to being inducted into membership.

The new member is then invited to an Induction Ceremony at one of the regularly scheduled luncheons. There will also be an orientation outside of the regularly scheduled meetings to review the Rotary organization and Foundation in greater detail.