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Paul Harris Fellows
In 1917, Arch Klumph, a Rotarian from Ohio, who was the 6th President of Rotary International, convened the International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. When the convention was over, Rotary had $26.50 left, in which President Arch decided to put aside, as an endowment "to do some good in the world." Donations trickled in and twelve years later, the Rotary Foundation was formed. During those years, most of the money was used to fund scholarships for students wishing to further peace in the world.
In 1947, Rotary founder Paul Harris died at the age of 78. When this happened, the Rotary Foundation was blessed with a large amount of donations from Rotarians all over the world. At that point, the Rotary International Foundation began to realize that these donations could be used as powerful tool for fueling our work around the world. A Foundation Board was appointed and funds began to be used for humanitarian projects, as well as scholarships. 
Our Club's Goals
The Rotary Club of Clinton strives to reach 100% participation by all members in giving donations to the Foundation. Paul Harris Fellow Recognition is a gift of $1,000 and can be given at different intervals. Your gift to the Foundation is a vehicle to "do good" both globally and locally. Donations can be made with dues payments, on our website, or send a check directly to: Rotary Club of Clinton, PO Box 1361. Clinton IA 52733
Rotary Club of Clinton Paul Harris Fellows

We are proud to recognize the following Paul Harris Fellows from the Rotary Club of Clinton:

Rotarian Paul Harris Fellow
Douglas Bertrand June 2008
Juliann Bray November 2015
Matt Brooke October 2018
James Bruhn  
Claire Buyert July 2002
Peter Clausen June 2005
Mary Connell May 2008
Dale Dalton August 1991
Tom Determann July 2002
Christopher Farwell May 2015
Gary Foster June 2006
Lori Freudenberg March 2008
John Frey December 2007
Cheryl Frey Feb 2016
Jennifer Graf July 2015
Chuck Gustaveson June 1995
Val Hill April 2013
Norlan Hinke May 2012
Nicole Hinman October 2006
Robert Holesinger December 2007
Paul Holmer June 2008
Daniel Housenga September 2017
Steven Howes August 2001
Gregory Jasper March 2008
Kathy Klahn June 2012
Rich Klahn October 2018
Cheryl McCulloh March 2002
Ronald McGauvran November 2009
Lynn McGraw July 2009
Jill O'Neill October 2020
Charles Pelton May 2016
G. Wylie Pillers July 2009
P. Michael Rastrelli September 1996
Jeff Reed December 2007
Mark Rutenbeck November 1997
Shannon Sander-Welzien October 2020
Mark Schroeder July 2009
David Sivright January 2007
Patti Stark July 2009
Mary Swanson October 2005
Rod Tokheim July 2015
Brigham Tubbs August 2001
Jerry Van Scoy October 2018
Ryan Veenstra October 2018
Karen Vickers July 2009
Brian Wright October 2018
Timothy Wright
November 2019
The following Rotarians have gained a Paul Harris Fellow + 1-9 status:
Rotarian Paul Harris Fellow + 1-9
Douglas Bertrand PHF + 1
Claire Buyert PHF+2 (Oct 2020)
Peter Clausen PHF+2
Mary Connell PHF + 1
Dale Dalton PHF+3
Tom Determann PHF+2
Gary Foster PHF+3
John Frey PHF + 1
Jennifer Graf PHF + 1
Chuck Gustaveson PHF + 2
Norlan Hinke PHF + 1
Nicole Hinman PHF+2
Robert Holesinger PHF + 1
Paul Holmer PHF + 1
Gregory Jasper PHF+2
Kathy Klahn PHF+1
Cheryl McCulloh PHF + 2
Ronald McGauvran PHF+4
Lynn McGraw PHF + 1
G. Wylie Pillers PHF + 1
P. Michael Rastrelli PHF + 1
Jeff Reed PHF + 1
Mark Rutenbeck PHF + 1
David Sivright PHF + 1
Patti Stark PHF+2
Mary Swanson PHF+2
Brigham Tubbs PHF + 1
Karen Vickers PHF + 1